Witness the grand launch of the 1st edition of the Fire Safety Guide & Directory (print and online) 10 June, 2020. Hurry and REGISTER NOW!         


Why attend?

CPI Industry’s conferences have typically and steadfastly provided a prominent platform for wide-ranging and in-depth discussions on topics related to socio-economic development, including health and safety. The Fire Control Strategy conference is no different, as it gathers government representatives, master developers, developers, consultants, contractors and technology solutions providers for wide-ranging discussions on fire safety.

The broad incentives of attending the Forum are…

  • Learn first-hand the direction Government authorities are taking with a view to strengthening fire safety measures.
  • Learn first-hand about technological solutions and the implications for the building industry. (Of deep interest to master developers, developers, building owners (individual and portfolio), consultants and contractors.)
  • Opportunity to interact with technology solutions providers, service providers, consultants and contractors in arriving at region-specific strategies and solutions as per the granular requirements of projects across the region.
  • Opportunity to see exhibits, and live land and on-sea demonstrations of the latest fire safety technologies in the world.