Witness the grand launch of the 1st edition of the Fire Safety Guide & Directory (print and online) 10 June, 2020. Hurry and REGISTER NOW!         

Event Overview

The buildings of today – be they residential, commercial or industrial – are more complex than ever before in human history. They vary in shapes and sizes and typically include villas and townhouses, high-rises, ultra-high-rises and large interconnected structures, serving specialised environments, such as airports, hospitals and venues of mega-events. And while they reach out to the skies, they conceal below-the-ground environments, typically car parks, road tunnels, pedestrian subways, and metro stations and moving train cars that course through them.

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Event Format

The conference will follow the time-tested and uniquely proven approach of plenary-level addresses & discussions, and technology-related presentations and discussions, interspersed with structured networking sessions. The format enables spotlighting policy- and technology-related issues in a substantial manner and, at the same time, promotes business opportunities.

Why attend?

CPI Industry’s conferences have typically and steadfastly provided a prominent platform for wideranging and in-depth discussions on topics related to socio-economic development, including health and safety. The Fire Control Strategy conference is no different, as it gathers government representatives, master developers, developers, consultants, contractors and technology solutions providers for wide-ranging discussions on fire safety.